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Daffodil & Friends are a pure delight! Children will love reading and be read to about these characters.  Am now wondering what their next adventure will be and which one of the Wildflower girls we will meet next.  Copy is now available at North Trails Public Library!  Thank you. 

- Reader from Pennsylvania - 

          The characters are delightful!      
   Would love to see a clothing line of
                    these characters!!
                   - Reader from Colorado -

All the characters are so cute.  I enjoyed reading about each one.  Can't wait to purchase your next book! 

- Reader from Texas -

The books are well-illustrated, and the plots are kid-friendly and engaging.  The lessons we learn through characters and their actions    are great for children.     

- Reader from Texas -

Love the characters!  Love the book!  Can't wait for the Autumn story release!!  - Reader from Nova Scotia, Canada -

   Darling characters!  A great addition to every child's  library.           -  Reader from Ohio -

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