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- Donna Redd, Author -

is the co-owner of Daffodil & Friends LLC, and the co-author and self-publisher of "The Bluebonnet Festival." and  "Apple Days in Wildflower Valley."   Donna resides in Pennsylvania, and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. 

                            - G. Arlene Carter, Author -

is a former kindergarten teacher, who currently resides in Texas, and has a published work of poetry.  She enjoys spending time          with her family and taking drives along Texas' back country roads.  Arlene is the co-owner of Daffodil & Friends, LLC, and the

                            co-author "The Bluebonnet Festival."

- S. Meghan Fedor, Illustrator - 
is a self taught freelance artist and illustrator who hopes to someday write and illustrate her own children's books and graphic novels. You can find her on Facebook or follow her on Instagram @nutmegillustrations. You can also browse her complete gallery at   Contact her there or at  
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